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Not sure what you want? Want to get into a new style of music? or just bored of
listening to the same old albums? Our CD Inspire section covers a panopoly of genres
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August 2007

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Neon Bible
Released on: 05 March 2007
Artist: Arcade Fire
Genre: Indie
Track Listing:
Black Mirror, Keep The Car Running, Neon Bible, Intervention, Black Wave/ Bad Vibration, Ocean of Noise, The Well and The Lighthou, (Antichrist Television Bl, Windowsill, No Cars Go, My Body Is A Cage,

Click Here To Compare CD Prices Good Girl Gone Bad
Released on: 04 June 2007
Artist: Rihanna
Genre: R'n'B / Pop
Track Listing:
Umbrella - Rihanna & Jay-, Push Up On Me, Don't Stop The Music, Breakin' Dishes, Shut Up And Drive, Hate That I Love You - Ri, Say It, Sell Me Candy, Lemme Get That, Rehab, Question Existing, Good Girl Gone Bad, Cry,
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Released on: 21 August 2006
Artist: Prince
Genre: Pop
Track Listing:
I Wanna Be Your Lover, Uptown, Controversy, 1999, Delirious, When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U, Purple Rain, Sign O' The Times, I Could Never Take The Pl, Alphabet St., Diamonds And Pearls, Gett Off, Money Don't Matter 2 Nigh, 7, Nothing Compares 2 U, My Name Is Prince, Let's Go Crazy, Little Red Corvette, Let's Work, Pop Life, She's Always In My Hair, Raspberry Beret, Kiss, U Got The Look, Hot Thing, Thieves In The Temple, Cream,,
Click Here To Compare CD Prices Yours Truly, Angry Mob
Released on: 26 February 2007
Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Genre: Indie / Pop
Track Listing
: Ruby, The Angry Mob, Heat Dies Down, High Royds, Love Is Not A Competition, Thank You Very Much, I Can Do Without You, My Kind Of Guy, Everything Is Average Now, Boxing Champ, Learnt My Lesson Well, Try Your Best, Retirement,
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Because of the Times
Released on: 02 April 2007
Artist: Kings Of Leon
Track Listing:
Knocked Up, Charmer, On Call, McFearless, Black Thumbnail, My Party, True Love Way, Ragoo, Fans, Runner, Trunk, Camaro, Arizona,

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Shock Value: Parental Advisory
Released on: 02 April 2007
Artist: Timbaland
Genre: Hip-hop
Track Listing:
Oh Timbaland - Timbaland, Give It To Me - Timbaland, Release - Timbaland & Jus, Way I Are - Timbaland & K, Bounce - Timbaland & Dr. , Come And Get Me - Timbala, Kill Yourself - Timbaland, Boardmeeting - Timbaland , Fantasy - Timbaland & Mon, Scream - Timbaland & Keri, Miscommunication - Timbal, Bombay - Timbaland & Amar, Throw It On Me - Timbalan, Time - Timbaland & She Wa, One And Only - Timbaland , Apologize - Timbaland & O, 2 Man Show - Timbaland & , Hello - Timbaland & Keri , Come Around - Timbaland &,

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Up All Night [Special Tour Edition with Bonus Track]
Released on: 18 April 2005
Artist: Razorlight
Genre: Indie
Track Listing:
Leave Me Alone, Rock'n'Roll Lies, Vice, Up All Night, Which Way Is Out, Rip It Up, Dalston, Golden Touch, Stumble & Fall, Get It And Go, In The City, Hang By, Hang By, To The Sea, Somewhere Else (Bonus Tra,

Inspire Archive: September / August / July / June / May
If you are only going to buy one CD this month....

One Chance
Released on: 16 July 2007
Artist: Paul Potts
Genre: Opera / Classical
He almost had us in tears when he sung Nessun Dorma and won on ITV's 'Britain's got talent' show and this is the debut album. Believe what you hear.... excellent!
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