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September 2007

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The Warning
Released on: 22 May 2006
Artist: Hot Chip
Track Listing:
Careful, And I Was A Boy From Scho, Colours, Over And Over, Just Like We Breakdown, Tchaparian, Look After Me, Warning, Arrest Yourself, So Glad To See You, No Fit State, Won't Wash,

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Released on: 29 January 2007
Artist: Just Jack
Track Listing:
Writers Block, Glory Days, Disco Friends, Starz In Their Eyes, Lost, I Talk Too Much, Hold On, Symphony Of Sirens, Life Stories, No Time, Mourning Morning, Spectacular Failures/Kool
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Released on: 24 January 2005
Artist: Chemical Brothers
Track Listing:
Galvanize, The Boxer, Believe, Hold Tight London, Come Inside, The Big Jump, Left Right, Close Your Eyes, Shake Break Bounce, Marvo Ging, Surface To Air,
Click Here To Compare CD Prices Screamadelica
Released on: 15 January 2001
Artist: Primal Scream
Track Listing:
Movin' on Up, Slip Inside This House, Don't Fight It, Feel It, Higher Than The Sun, Inner Flight, Come Together, Loaded, Damaged, I'm Comin' Down, Higher Than The Sun (Dub , Shine Like Stars,
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I'm Not Dead
Released on: 03 April 2006
Artist: Pink
Track Listing:
Stupid Girls, Who Knew, Long Way To Happy, Nobody Knows, Dear Mr President - Pink , I'm Not Dead, Cuz I Can, Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonel, U + Ur Hand, Runaway, One That Got Away, I Got Money Now, Conversations With My 13 , Fingers, Centerfold,

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Released on: 17 July 2006
Artist: Razorlight
Track Listing:
In The Morning, Who Needs Love?, Hold On, America, Fall To Pieces, Can't Stop This Feeling I, Pop Song 2006, Kirby's House, Back To The Start, Los Angeles Waltz,

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Hit Parade
Released on: 06 November 2006
Artist: Paul Weller
Track Listing:
Town Called Malice, Going Underground, Shout To The Top Full Ver, From The Floorboards Up, Down In The Tube Station , Peacock Suit Single / Alb, The Changingman Single Ed, Eton Rifles Single Edit, Come On/Let's Go, Sunflower, Beat Surrender, Walls Come Tumbling Down, That's Entertainment, Broken Stones, Out Of The Sinking Origin, Long Hot Summer Single Ed, You're The Best Thing Sin, Wild Wood, You Do Something To Me, Hung Up, My Ever Changing Moods Si, Speak Like A Child, Start! Single Version,

Inspire Archive: September / August / July / June / May  
If you are only going to buy one CD this month....

Happy Mondays : Greatest Hits
Released on: 19 June 1999
Artist: Happy Mondays
Genre: Indie / Brit Pop
Where were you in 90's? Is 24 Hour Party People just a film title to you? and have you ever wanted to play the maracas on stage? A outstanding greatest hits.
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