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Virgin Suicides


Lux Lisbon.... What an attractive character, and only accentuated by the beautiful biographical narration of Sophia Coppola's alternately dreamy and unsettling The Virgin Suicides.

Lux - Virgin SuicidesLux - Virgin SuicidesLux - Virgin Suicides

Released on 4th December 2000, The Virgin Suicides follows the story of five suburban sisters, who all mysteriously commit suicide as a route to escape to some other place, somewhere away from the control of their domineering parents.

Set in the 1970's, the film is constructed as the collective memory of the neighbourhood boys who worshipped the beautiful Lisbon girls, communicating by Morse code, playing records down the telephone and leaving notes.

Narrated exclusively in the first-person plural, The Virgin Suicides is unusual, but beautiful. The fashion, the backdrop and the cast without of course forgetting the soundtrack produced by French based band, AIR.

The Virgin Suicides Original Sound Track CD by Air features:

1. Playground Love
2. Clouds Up
3. Bathroom Girl
4. Cemetary Party
5. Dark Messages
6. The Word "Hurricane"
7. Dirty Trip
8. Highschool Lover
9. Afternoon Sister
10. Ghost Song
11. Empty House
12. Dead Bodies
13. Suicide Underground,

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