The Battle of the Games Consoles

"The battle of the consoles" - a phrase that will get more than a standard airing this Christmas, so isn't it time you took sides? We've taken a look at the major contenders this Christmas, which might or might not be on your list! As ever you can compare the prices of these consoles simply by clicking "More Info".

Nintento's Wii vs Sony's PS3 vs Microsoft's Xbox 360

The Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) is set to cause queues this Christmas, offering superb graphics and spec in addition to the follow up in Rockstars outstanding Grand Theft Auto series.
Tipped as the most technologically advanced console of this generation, the PS3 includes a built in blu-ray drive which offers superb sound and picture quality, and will even upscale the graphics of existing PS2 games.

Wireless motion-sensitive controllers come as standard, in addition to a built-in web browser, which works within major social networking sites including Facebook - so there is plenty of scope to exchange cheats and tips online with fellow gamers. Whilst the Playstation 3 might appear expensive, it is the inclusion of the Blu Ray drive wihich really adds value to this console and goes someway to justify the price.

60 Gb Premium PS3 PS3 Logo More Info

The Nintendo Wii can certainly counteract criticism from the childhood obesity argument. Offering an extensive range of interactive games where users physically act out the consoles using the Wii console. For example, whilst playing one of the 5 built-in games including tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing the gamer has to physically, and more energetically, act out the motion of striking the tennis ball with the control pad.

Nintendo Wii

In the same way that the Playstation 2 with the Itoy and most notably, Sing Star, got players off their feet and largely got the family involved, the Nintendo Wii represents an excellent way to alleviate festive monotony, stimulate interfamily involvement and not forgetting work off the turkey and second box of mince pies! This family friendly system has taken under a year to sell more than the Xbox 360 managed to two, and at the time of writing there are more Wiis in the world than any other current console.

Nintendo's Wii also supports both existing Gamecube titles and downloaded classics titles from the 8, 16 and 64 bit eras via Wii's 'Virtual Console'.

Wii Controller Wii Logo More Info

The Microsoft Xbox 360 and the beefed up Xbox 360 Elite are successors to the original Xbox console, and were one of the first "next generation" games console to hit the market. Whilst the orginal Xbox 360 offers 20Gb of memory, wireless controllers and voice headset the Elite packs a bigger punch with an incredible 120Gb of memory and high definition (HD) output housed in slick black and crome finish.

Tipped to be the favourite of serious gamers this christmas, the Xbox 360 Elite enables users to harness the full capacity of its 120Gb memory by allow them to potentially download every game demo currently available - and still have enough room for plenty of music, photos and other digital files.

The Elite offers outstanding graphics that are amazingly sharp and colourful through the new HDMI cable feature, which allows users to connect the console to High Definition or HD TV's at resolutions of up to the maximum of 1080p.
The ability to plug and play online with both machines on Microsoft's Live 360 service, make this machine very special indeed.

Xbox 360 Elite Xbox 360 Elite More Info

But this is not to play down the immense power of the originl Xbox 360 console, which offers an excellent 20Gb of memory and a powerful games processor which also plays games from the original Xbox.
Xbox 360 Large

The ability to plug and play online with both machines on Microsoft's Live 360 service, make these machine very special indeed. In addition to playing games and movies Microsofts powerhouse console can also stream music and video from a wide variety of electronic devices, including iPods and the Sony PSP, so it needn't all be a bevy of Slade or Michael Ball this Christmas.

Xbox 360 headset Xbox 360

Compare Games
If you are stuck for buying games for either the Xbox, PS3, Nintendo Wii or indeed any other console we haven't mentioned, do not hesitate to check out our Compare Games section, where you can either check out the individual console categories or simply enter the name of the game you are after in the search bar. Or how about our top five games for the PS2, Wii and Xbox 360.

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